Buyer's Guide to Foam

Name Color Type Density Rating Indentation Load Deflection (ILD) Description
14017 White Super Soft 1.5 17 lb. Very soft, medium grade. Used for back cushions.
D-50 Boat Firm White Firm 1.5 50-55 lb. Economy. Used for boat cushions, benches, and firm seat cushions.
E-35 White Medium 1.8 35-40 lb. Good quality, medium density seat foam or backs. Most Popular.
E-95 White Super Firm 1.9 95 lb. Very firm, many uses for marine cushions, boat deck pads, motor covers and auto seat pads.
F-34 White Medium Soft 2.05 31-37 lb. A little firmer than G-30. For back and soft seat cushions on furniture for home or marine. Good quality foam.
G-30 HD Green Medium Soft 2.3 30 lb. High density. Best foam for back cushions and soft seat cushions.
G-50 Green Firm 2.3 50 lb. For firm seat cushions on furniture or marine.
G-65 HD Green Extra Firm 2.3 65 lb. Fire Retardant. Marine, High density seat cushions.

We sell foam in standard sheets. We also custom cut foam to your measurements. Custom cut foam is measured and sold by the board foot.

Board feet = Length (in foot) X Width (in foot) X Thickness (in inch)

Example: 2' X 1.5' X 2" = 6 board feet

Note: Due to the pre-shrinking process necessary to ship foam, it may take up to 2 days after unpacking for the foam to return to it's normal shape.