Moroccan Style Sofas - How to get your foam

Do you have an idea for a low moroccan style sofa, but have no idea where to start?   Here at Philmore Supply we have helped numerous customers bring in their foam at an affordable price.   On extra large cuts of foam we offer discounts and can create any size that you have in mind.   We typically see pieces 10" x 28" x 90" as an average but have had pieces over 130" long.   We have numerous foams in stock for you to choose from that are a high density luxury foam.   Typically custom cuts take 5-7 days to be delivered.

Below is one of the many cuts we have brought in for our customers.  We also offer delivery!

We are open M-F 8:30 to 4:30pm and have foam in stock that you can test.   Please come in or give us a call/text for a free quote.  727.592.9146

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