Custom Layered Bed's for Transport Van

Sometimes your best option is not off the shelf.  We often create custom beds for RV's and Boats cut into the shape needed for the space.  

This piece in particular is 4" of our G-50, 2" of G-30 and a 2" V2 Memory Foam Topper.   This high density foam will last for years to come.


Layered foam as a bed with memory foam topper


This one here below is an all foam 18" sofa that we created for a customers idea. Very similar to a moroccan style sofa, but this one was a bit softer for the customers needs.

Bottom 12" is our D-50, The mid layer is 4" of our G-30 then finished with a 2" V2 Memory Foam Topper.   This truly was a comfortable seat.

Moroccan Sofa Foam

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