October 2023 Specials

If you live in Florida, you can agree this summer has been hot.  We hope to finally be waking up to temperatures in the low 70's soon!  Coming into October here are some Monthly Specials for Wholesale accounts.  Grab them while we have plenty in stock.    We offer local delivery on our Van for $7.50.

Hot in Florida
Automotive Vinyl:
10yd $8.25/yd or $82.50
20yd $7.85/yd or $157.00
30yd $7.50/yd or $225.00

Automotive Vinyl

Headliner 1/4” Thick Backing:
5yd - $9.00/yd or $45.00
10yd - $8.00/yd or $80.00

Headliner Chart
Sew Foam ¼” White
10yd $5.25/yard or $52.50
Dacron ¾”
Bale of 27” OR 54” – $55.00