Bonded Nylon B-69 

A bonded twisted multifilament thread ideal for sewing a wide range of products. Nylon provides superior sewability plus good abrasion resistance and seam strength.

  • Excellent sewability.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • High bond quality and consistent diameter.
  • Good seam strength.
  • Stocked in a wide range of sizes and colors.

 Polyester B-92 & B-138

A bonded twisted mutifilament thread ideal for sewing a wide range of applications. PremoBond and Sunguard is UV treated and is ideal for use in canvas and outdoor products.
  • Good resistance to UV and most chemicals
  • Excellent sewability
  • Superior bond quality and consistent diameter
  • Good durability in outdoor products

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Monofilament Thread Canister Clear
  • From $79.00
Thread 4oz #69 High-Spec Nylon
  • $19.95
Thread 4oz #92 Sunguard Bonded Polyester
  • $16.00